Check out more great ideas at Technology4Kids, a wiki by Shell Terrell.

Participate in a Today's Meet online discussion, ask questions, or backchannel during a workshop.
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Click here to see a sample wall for students on the topic of "Les Passe-temps".
Click here to introduce yourself to the class.

Another online collaboration board is Linoit. Here is a sample board.

Collaborative Writing Applications
Etherpad Lite Here is a sample document.
Pirate Pad is another similar application.
Google documents also provide a collaborative writing experience.

Here is an example of a Voki from my French wiki . They are easy to embed on web pages.

Use these pix to experiment with.

Photobabble - Upload a photo, record your voice and share.

Glogster - make interactive posters using text, images, sound, video or other media on any topic. Education accounts are available.
(Basic accounts are free. Premium accounts are available at a cost.) Students are able to share their glogs on many different
social networking sites.

Glogster examples - les animaux , ma famille , Je me présente

WORD CLOUDS - Wordle , Tagxedo
Text Sources
Fables de la Fontaine
French Children's Stories
Simply Scripts - find the scripts for many popular movies
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MAKE YOUR OWN FLASHCARDS - students and teachers can make flashcards on any topic for study and practice.
Students can share their stacks using social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or they can be posted on websites.
Stacks can be sent to an iPod touch or an iPhone too.

Study Stack - see stack I made on using aller with places.
See other stacks already made by French teachers.

Other sites include Flashcard Exchange , Flashcard Machine, Quizlet, and Study Blue .

Also check out Class Tools , Discovery Education, and Tools for Educators to make other types of interactive French games, quizzes, activities, and diagrams.

You can make and print out a game board about body parts from Tools for Educators.
Here is a Fakebook account of Marie Antoinette en français.

Comics are another great way for FSL students to express themselves, especially since the text is always short
and therefore less intimidating than other forms of writing.

Comic Life is a program found on all Mac computers. It is simple and easy to use. Students will need to collect pictures
using one of the methods discussed below (see IMAGES) to use in their comics.

Comic Life Example - La famille

Bitstrips for Schools
Finding images for students to use while maintaining their integrity as good digital citizens is a challenge.
What can you do?
• students can take their own pictures using digital cameras (home or school, put on CD or memory stick)
• students can draw pictures and scan them or photograph them
• students can use a copyright free website to find pictures
(Check out Free Teacher Clip Art, Classroom Clip Art, Pics4Learning, PhotoPin, Compfight, Ookaboo ,
Free Photo Bank , School Clip Art , Find Icons, Photos8 orPhotopedia . )

Also, check out Creative Commons , Wylio, and Wikimedia Commons. Here students can find images to use in projects where permission has been given to remix the image or adapt it for use in projects. Read the fine print carefully!

Digital storytelling is defined as "a short, first-person video-narrative created by combining recorded voice, still and moving images, and music or other sounds." (Center for Digital Storytelling )

"Digital Storytelling uses computers to create media-rich stories and the internet to share those stories creating communites of common concern on a global scale." ( )

The following programs can be used for this purpose:
Voicethread Allows students to post comments.

Keynote - add text, images and other effects to your slides, record a narration, then export as a Quicktime movie.

Animoto (You can only make 30 second videos for free. Also allows students to comment on each other's videos.)

Create your own video slideshow at

Podcasting allows students to record their voices, then to add music and sound effects that enhance their presentation.
Fluency, pronunciation, intonation, phrasing and other reading and speaking skills are a focus during recording.

The Garageband application is available on Macintosh computers as well as being an iPad app.
Audacity is a free download for PC's.
AudioBoo is available both on the web and as an iPod/iPad app.

Podcasting examples:

French newscast
Vocabulary practice

What is the difference between a blog and a wiki? Click here to find out.

Click here to see my French wiki. You can use Wikispaces or PBWorks to host your wiki.
Click below to see an example of a blog. You can use Wordpress or Blogger to host your blog.
Blogger example
Wordpress example - English and Wordpress example - French

Teachers can create surveys or forms for students to answer or students can write their own documents and collaborate together.
Tes Choses Favorites
Les Franco-fêtes - spreadsheet
Jeu de Vocabulaire - collaborative chart

Find ready-made activities at SMART Exchange and Crickweb.

iMovie - French sports newscast assignment
Creaza | We Video |

Edmodo | Twiducate | Twitter| ClassTools - fake sms, fakebook, etc. | Facebook