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totempoles.JPGConfederation - Link to Learning
The Confederation Debate: 50 Years and Counting
Debatabase: A World of Great Debates

Webography - Links to Primary Sources for Canadian History
Canada History - Fathers of Confederation
Upper Canada History - Fathers of Confederation
Pearson - Canadian History 8 Links

History Tech Blog - Teaching History using movies
History Tech Blog - Using primary sources to teach history - historical thinking interactive poster

Link to Learning - Gr. 7 History, New France
Ed Select - New France
La Nouvelle France - New France
Canada in the Making
Acadian Deportation - maps
Historica Canada - History of Acadia
Filles du Roi - Look Backward Blog
Deportées of Grand Pré - Acadian expulsion, names
Virtual Museum of New France - useful links
New France - historical background, Look Backward

WAR OF 1812
War of 1812 - timeline, articles, trivia games, learning resources, interactive maps, and more

Nova Scotia Archives - primary source pictures
Twitter Feed - Nova Scotia Archives

Free the Children - resources to support the We Stand Together campaign
Maclean's - Nine Things to Know about National Aboriginal Day
Government of Canada - National Aboriginal Day | Indigineous and Northern Affairs
Goodminds - books and resources
ETFO - activities for national aboriginal day
Walking Together - government of Alberta
Spirit Horse - ETFO
Historica Canada - indigineous history and historica minutes
The Learning Circle - Indigenous Affairs Canada

A Changing Society - 1890 to 1914
Critical Thinking Consortium

Museum Box - If you could put a number of items into a box that described your life, what would you include?
Historypin - pin your history to the world
Animaps - create and view animated maps
BBC Dimensions - take important places, events, and things and overlay them onto a map of where you are

Newberry Historic Maps in K-12 Classrooms
David Rumsey Historic Maps

Canadian Atlases
Historica-Dominion Institute
Got a Minute? - Historica Minutes
The Canadian Encyclopedia | Six Degrees of Separation
Canadian Biographies
Canadian History Society
Canada in the Making
Hudson's Bay Company
Fur Trade Stories
Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History
Google Earth: combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.
Kidipede - History and Science for Kids
The Canadian Heritage Rivers System
Earth and Sky - skywatching tab shows each night's sky chart
Parks Canada - links to Canada's national parks, historic sites, marine conservation areas, cultural heritage and natural heritage
Ontario History Quest - for students in grades 7, 8, 10 and 12 studying history from 1820-1970
Eyewitness to History - from the ancient world to the present
Kidspast - free online world history textbook
World History: Hyper History timeline
This Day in History
Facing History
Black History in Canada | Organizations and Educator's Resources
Egypt - The Children's Museum of Indianapolis (Take Me There - Egypt)
Sepia Town - historical photos of places around the world
WorldHistory - create your own biography timeline and map
Historical Thinking Matters - topics in US history
School History
Great American Speeches
BBC History - timeline
BBC Witness - history as told by the people who were there
Historvius - Discover Historic Sites
The Underground Railroad - Scholastic | National Geographic |
Black History of Canada
History Buff - videos of US historical sites
HCO - the history of Canada online
Sir John A. Day - January 11th, 2011
Elections Canada - history of the vote in Canada
The History Education Network - primary/secondary sources, including videos, podcasts, photos, etc.
200 Moments that Changed the World - interactive map
Ontario Law Day - mock trials for your students
Magna Carta - 800th Anniversary
From Vimy to Juno - lesson plans and resources
Canadian Letters and Images Project - primary source documents
Discover Canada - Govt of Canada
Veteran's Week - Learning Resources
Veteran's Week
Dictionary of Canadian Biography
Sir Wilfrid Laurier - 175th Anniversary
Vimy 100 in the Classroom - anniversary resources
Women's Suffrage in Canada - educational resources
Engaging Students in Learning History - John Fielding, Queen's University
Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History - historical mystery quests

Canadian War Museum
Canadian Museum of Civilisation
Museum.JPGRoyal Ontario Museum
National Gallery of Canada
McCord Museum - Keys to History
McCord Museum - EduWeb
Virtual Museum
Archives Canada
Collections Canada
Our Roots - Nos Racines
Canadian Heritage
Canadian Military History Gateway

Smithsonian Institute - Battle of Gettysburg
Colonial Williamsburg Official Site
Royal Collection Trust - Windsor Castle
MoMa - Museum of Modern Art
Newseum - Digital Classroom

Photos of Museum of Civilisation taken by Mme Giannopoulos, July 2009